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Ohio Home Loan
FHA Financing with Low Rate Ohio Loans

Ohio Home Buying is easy with FHA

Ohio home mortgage rates have dropped to the lowest point in thirty years. Ohio mortgage lenders are reporting FHA mortgage rates at 4.5% on 30-year amortization. Ohio mortgage options are appealing and brokers recommend locking into a fixed FHA loan while the rates are below 5%.

FHA Home Loan Services provides the lowest rate home financing in Ohio communities to expand home ownership across the state. Ohio is a Midwestern state that is part of the Great Lakes Region in the United States. It has the 10th largest highway network and is within a one-day drive of 50% of North Americanís population and 70% of North Americaís manufacturing capacity.

Popular Cities for Ohio Home Financing

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Ohio Cities ranked by population

  1. Columbus 747,755
  2. Cleveland 438,042
  3. Cincinnati 332,458
  4. Toledo 295,029
  5. Akron 207,934
  6. Dayton 155,461
  7. Parma 78,785
  8. Canton 78,319
  9. Youngstown 73,818
  10. Lorain 70,124

Home Buying in Ohio with FHA

Buying a home with a FHA loan is a pragmatic move for considering mortgage options. Home financing with FHA in Ohio makes wise financial sense, and now is the time to buy. Plus, once you have a FHA loan, you can do a FHA streamline refinance if the interest rates drop, which typically doesnít require an appraisal or any credit underwriting. This keeps the costs of refinancing low.


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