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North Carolina Home Financing
Affordable Mortgage Financing for First Time Home Buyers

FHA Home Loan Services provides the lowest rate North Carolina home loan financing in communities to expand home ownership across the state. Through the last four weeks, fixed mortgage interest rates stabilized, and then shot up almost half a point (+0.41%). North Carolina home loan requests have risen as property values remain steady in most counties due to steady growth in jobs and a good economy, but sales are down. So, it is a buyers’ market. Now is the time to buy, especially in light of all the new provisions under recently passed legislation that makes home buying worthwhile. Among the provisions is a newly revamped FHA. Mortgage refinance incentives are stellar with FHA lending providing rates that will lower your housing costs significantly.


The Federal Housing Administration is a government program overseen by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help low to moderate income to help Americans to obtain FHA mortgage loan on a 1-4 unit home. It was built during another crippled mortgage market--the Great Depression. It lost its appeal during the housing boom but is now roaring back into popularity, along with similar government-backed loans. Making up more than 29 percent of last month's mortgage applications, these types of government loans tripled.

FHA and other government-backed loans, like conventional loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are made by traditional lenders like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. However, the difference is that FHA loans are insured against default by the US government.

North Carolina Cities ranked by population

  1. Charlotte 671,588
  2. Raleigh 375,806
  3. Greensboro 247,183
  4. Durham 217,847
  5. Winston-Salem 215,348
  6. Fayetteville 171,853
  7. Cary 121,796
  8. High Point 100,432
  9. Wilmington 99,623
  10. Greenville 76,058

FHA Loans for 1st Time Homebuyers

FHA Home Loan Services extends low rate financing for first time homebuyers with discounted closing costs with very little required for a down payment for home purchase opportunities. FHA is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

FHA has been helping low- and moderate-income buyers since 1934. When buy a home, one of the biggest barriers is the requirement most lenders have that requires you to have at least a 20% down payment

North Carolina Home Buying with FHA

In 2008, the increased FHA loan limits for North Carolina will range from $271,050 to $460,000 for 1-family primary residence homes in the state for purchase or mortgage refinance. Many Carolina borrowers will be able consolidate their 1st and 2nd mortgages together with the increased FHA loan limits. Other homeowners will simply utilize the larger loan amounts to consolidate credit card debt with their ARM. In light of all the recent tightening of conventional loan standards, FHA is becoming a better option all the time, especially for the cash-strapped first-time buyer. FHA has less stringent qualifying criteria than conventional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home loans.

FHA allows home buyers to purchase a home with just 3% down payment. The down payment requirement will soon be rising to 3.5%, which is still a lot lower than conventional loan requirements. You’ll enjoy low fixed interest rates with FHA, and you can always do a FHA streamline refinance if the interest rates drop. Conventional North Carolina home purchase loans are now much more difficult to get with the new, tighter credit standards lenders how have in response to the fear felt by investors. However, FHA home buying still remains lenient on those with credit issues.

Get Your Own Realtor to Represent You

In North Carolina, real estate agents may represent sellers, buyers, or both parties to a real estate sales transaction as a dual agent. Even if the agent isn't representing you, the agent must still be fair and honest and disclose to you all "material facts" that the agent knows or reasonably should know. However, this does not require a seller's agent to disclose to you the minimum amount that the seller is willing to accept. We recommend that you get your own agent. Then, you’ll know the seller’s minimum asking price, which will expedite the negotiation process.

Sources: www.citypopulation.de/USA-NorthCarolina.html and quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/37000.html

Good News for North Carolinians Facing Foreclosure

Gov. Mike Easley has signed into law legislation that he expects will reduce home foreclosure filings due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis during the next two years. The governor's "Emergency Foreclosure Reduction Program" could keep more than 25,000 working families in their homes and paying their mortgages.


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