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Refinancing with FHA

FHA Home Loan Services offers FHA refinance options for bad credit borrowers and prime credit homeowners seeking the lowest fixed rate refinancing anywhere in the country. For millions of Americans, refinancing with FHA enables them to secure a low mortgage rate and lower monthly payment that is fixed for life. Home refinancing is a major financial decision that impacts how much interest you will pay for the life of a loan, so the better the interest rate…the more money you will save. HUD introduced FHA many years ago to ensure that more Americans were given equal credit opportunity with fair lending policies. Today, FHA continues to play a tremendous role in supporting home financing during a time of credit crunches.

Today's FHA refinance rates have encouraged thousands of borrowers to keep their house. Interest rates are so low that people are saving enough money to avois foreclosure in many cases. There are several types of refinance loans offered with FHA. Review the refinance rates, FHA requirements, and refinancing options below based on which loan meets your needs.

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FHA Refinance loans offer a new opportunity for borrowers with less than perfect credit to qualify for a fixed rate FHA mortgage!

FHA Refinance Rates declined beyond conventional home mortgage rates in 2009, but with economy and inflation concerns, interest rates will likely increase soon. Refinance today and get a fixed rate guarantee for thirty years.

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FHA Refinancing

Streamline Refinance
Current FHA borrowers get another break with automated loans for rate refinancing. The lending and closing cost are lowered significantly. Streamlining does not offer money outside of the refinance terms.

Fixed Refinancing Rates
Real Estate and financial advisors all agree that locking your mortgage with a fixed interest rate can protect you against costly rate hikes. Being able to budget your mortgage is nice!

Cash Out Refinance
Qualifying for a home equity loan to get money is nearly impossible, but FHA introduced the 95% refinance option that enables borrowers to pay off debt and get cash out with virtually no equity left.

Secure Refinance
With the foreclosure numbers breaking records, HUD rolled out the FHASecure that refinance homeowners who have been strapped with the rising cost of an adjustable rate mortgage.


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