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FHA Purchase Loans for Home Financing with Low Down Payments and Competitive Mortgage Rates

FHA Home Loan Services offers great home purchase mortgage programs for 1st time homebuyers and existing homeowners in all fifty states. FHA interest rates declined to their lowest levels last year and today they are remain available near record lows for Consumers in the U.S. seeking home purchase loans with FHA. The transition from being a renter to a homeowner doesn't have to be costly. We can help you discover the dream of homeownership with low cost FHA home purchase loans. People like our services for comparing lenders and rates online. Lock into a once of a lifetime rate now.

  • New homebuyers only need to come up with three percent for the down-payment and the lending costs are very reasonable.
  • FHA extends flexible underwriting that enable limited credit borrowers a good chance to get qualified for a home purchase.
  • $7,500 Tax Credit for First Time Home Buyers (Check with loan officers)
  • New FHA guidelines for homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. Ask you Approved FHA lender about the FHA loan modification.
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FHA home financing became the most popular mortgage product in 2009 because of the low rate and relaxed FHA guidelines that enable borrowers with good, fair or bad credit qualify for a FHA loan if they can demonstrate compensating factors.
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Refinance before it’s too late. The Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates to curb inflation in 2013!

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People with less than great credit tend to migrate towards government purchase mortgages. The Federal Housing Administration is one of the only programs left that is approving bad credit home mortgage programs.

Down-payment assistance programs are hard to find these days but FHA still allows first time homebuyers to use gift money for deposits and down payments. FHA has been promoting homeownership since 1934 and their home financing programs have performed consistently over the years with a very low default rate for FHA purchase money loans. FHA still provides lenders tangible confidence because these government loans are insured by HUD. Most subprime and traditional lenders have seriously tightened the home purchase guidelines, but FHA maintains its quest to promote as finance new and existing with low interest fixed rate loans that are affordable and flexible because they encourage a streamline refinance if the mortgage rates drop.

Plus, with the passage of new legislation, first time buyers could get a tax credit worth up to $7,500. FHA continues to offers an insurance-free loan that you pay back over 15 years, but it is very helpful when you're short on funds. And, if you act now, you could still get seller-financed down payment assistance through programs like AmeriDream and Neimiah. After October 1st, if you need down payment assistance, you'll need to get it from family, friends, employers, your church or through a city, county or state-backed program.


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All FHA mortgage products are provided by FHA Home Loan Services, which may arrange loans with third party providers. FHA Home Loan Services is national mortgage lender. Not everyone will qualify for a government insured mortgage. FHA Home Loan Services cannot guarantee all loans will be made or whether all loan applications will be approved by the investing bank. This is not a commitment for a FHA house loan or an advertisement for credit.
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