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FHA lending programs expanded significantly with new home purchase loans, fixed refinance, streamline, cash refinancing, foreclosure prevention, energy efficient and home rehabilitation mortgages with competitively priced interest rates for all credit ranges. For almost a century, American consumers have been partnering with the Federal Housing Administration to become homeowners. FHA loan programs boast of diversity and flexibility and that helps borrowers have more confidence and purchase power. Becoming a homeowner can be a major financial step in your life, so take it seriously and talk to lenders that have the most experience with FHA home loan programs regardless of your credit.

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Finance a reduced price new house or get help buying a foreclosed property with an affordable mortgage from FHA Home Loan Services.

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HUD indicated that FHA loans have assisted more than 300,000 homeowners through the FHA Secure loans that was created to prevent foreclosures and short sales. FHA also announced that Modernization Act under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 has extended the loan programs for trapped homeowners looking to refinance their variable rate mortgages. In 2013, FHA loan limits will continue at the rate HUD set forth the previous year.

Refinancing your home with a FHA loan provides guaranteed interest rate protection, because the government insures and locks the rate for 15 or 30 year terms. FHA allows 95% LTV for home refinancing with cash out options. And, you may be able to do a 97.5% refinance with no cash.

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FHA Mortgage Rates dropped below conforming rates in 2008, but with the economy and inflation concerns, interest rates will likely increase soon. Refinance today and get a fixed rate guarantee for thirty years.


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All FHA mortgage products are provided by FHA Home Loan Services, which may arrange loans with third party providers. FHA Home Loan Services is national mortgage lender. Not everyone will qualify for a government insured mortgage. FHA Home Loan Services cannot guarantee all loans will be made or whether all loan applications will be approved by the investing bank. This is not a commitment for a FHA house loan
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