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FHA Loan Rates

Low FHA Loan Rates
FHA Loan Rates Hit Record Lows!

FHA loan rates have never been more affordable. Borrowers may qualify for 30-year fixed loans with interest rates between 3 and 3.5%. The 15-year loan has been reported with FHA mortgage rates as low as 2.75%. The Federal Housing Administration does allow borrowers to pay discount points which enable them to get locked into an interest rate below market-level.

If that is not low enough, consumers can find FHA loan rates at 3% on the 5/1 ARM which guarantees a fixed interest rate for the first 5 years of the amortization schedule. The 3/1 ARM has fallen below 3% for the first time in a generation and like the five-year hybrid loan, this program ensures a fixed interest rate for the first three years of the loan before the adjustable rate period kicks in.

New Home Buyers: Are you a 1st time home buyer searching for a lender that provides home loans with a major down-payment? FHA requires a low down-payment of only 3.5%. There are still a few states that provide down-payment assistance so technically home loans with zero down-payments are still possible in select regions across the country.

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FHA Refinance loans offer a new opportunity for borrowers with less than perfect credit to qualify for a fixed rate FHA mortgage!

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Existing Homeowners: If you already own a house, but want to lower your housing expenses with a better interest rate, then consider FHLS because we offer low fixed FHA loan rates for borrowers seeking a refinance product.

The FHA guarantees affordable FHA loan rates that are fixed for a variety of terms below.
30-Year FHA Rates 15-Year FHA Rates 5-Year ARM Rates

FHA streamline rates are also available with the 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed and the 5/1ARM. Companies like Bank Rate, B of A and FHA refinancing have reported that FHA rates are as low as conventional non-government mortgages. The FHA rate policy is one reason why borrowers in all 50 states are reconsidering these HUD government loans. Borrowers also like that there are never pre-payment penalties with FHA loans and they require less equity for refinancing and less of a down-payment for purchase mortgage loans.

FHA home loan rates decreased to record levels in 2012, but the Federal Reserve has indicated that interest rates will not remain low forever. It is expected that the Fed will begin hiking rates soon will increase rates across the board. Take advantage of today's affordable FHA interest rates and lock in for long term security and low payments.

Rates as low as 2.750% with 2.850% APR. The example provided is based on $250,000 mortgage and the monthly payment would be $940. Property taxes and insurance are not included.


All lending products are provided by FHA Home Loan Services, which may arrange loans with third party providers. FHLS is a national mortgage lender. Not everyone will qualify for a government insured mortgage. FHA Home Loan Services cannot guarantee all loans will be made or whether all loan applications will be approved by the investing bank.
This is not a commitment for a FHA house loan or an advertisement for credit as defined by paragraph 226.24 of regulation Z.
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